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  • Remembering Caballa

    I lost an icon in my life a few weeks ago.  Caballa, my special little mustang mare laid down in the late October, yet still green Black Hills field, and was unable to get her arthritic and tired hips back underneath her to  pull herself up. It was a beautiful, warm day when we let her go to find her new journey. That little mare knew more about me than I did. Her big, brown eyes saw deep into my (and everyone’s) soul in a way that you knew there was no sense in hiding. She taught me so much

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  • As the Voyage Evolves…….

    After nearly 30 years of study and experience in the art(s) of healing through integrative therapies, I find that there is never a day I don’t learn something new. I get really excited for each new piece of the puzzle that I learn and I LOVE to share with those who are interested. As with most healers that have been studying and practicing for many years, I find myself evolving and revolving continually. I have come full circle on many of the routes I’ve taken through the years and with each circle, my understanding and involvement grows deeper, richer and takes

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    As bodyworkers, we learn during our studies that stress and trauma that is not fully processed at the time it happens, and I mean fully processed and released, lives on in the body. It is stored in our tissues, organs and brain sometimes resurfacing as physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual (or any combination of the above) distress or illness. I doubt that any living being on the planet lives a life without several instances of stress and trauma. What that looks like for each being can be different and anyone else may not understand what comes up for another,

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  • BONDING AS A COLLECTIVE: Animal Massage, Bodywork and Acupressure Practitioners

    After listening to a very inspirational Keynote address entitled “YOUR MISSION IS BIGGER THAN YOUR FEELINGS” from the incredible Joan Ranquet (Animal Communicator, Author, TEDx Speaker and Founder of Communication with All Life University) at the NBCAAM / IAAMB Animal Bodyworkers Continuing Education Conference, I came away really excited about all of us as an incredibly significant, caring and professional collaboration of Animal Bodyworkers! Joan talked about our work as some of the most important work on the planet right now. Wow, how does that make you feel? If there was ever a time for us to come together, support

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  • New Directions and New Courses

    From the Desk of: Kim Kizzier Sherrodd, LMT Here we are at this special time of Giving Thanks and approaching the holiday season. I am reflecting on how fortunate I feel for so many things in my life. I am blessed with a loving family, amazing friends, good health, beautiful home and a wonderful business chock full of clients who I also consider great friends. I am fortunate that I get to spend my days experiencing the world through my hands. As one little girl said to me, “when I grow up, I want your job where I can just pet horses all

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