Kim admits that her 35 year Journey of education and experience leading her to a career in therapeutic bodywork  and whole health wellness for horses, dogs, people (and other animals) has been somewhat unorthodox and lengthy! And…she doesn’t expect the evolution to end anytime soon. Everyday and every being welcomes another chance to learn and progress. Kim has an intense curiosity and loves to experiment with new (sometime just new to her) theories, ideas, and practices.

When Kim first began massage and natural healing school for people, there was very little opportunity to learn equine massage. Kim had already attended school for veterinary technology and was interested in horses, so she talked her massage school into letting her do part of her intern/externship on horses.  The school agreed, if Kim could find a mentor(s) and do an additional thesis related to horses.  This interesting  experience began an ever-lasting quest to find an answer to, “what is healing” and ultimately, “what is life”??  Kim will post more about how her unconventional journey brought to her to begin her practice “Applied Integrative Therapy, LLC” in newsletter blogs and in an upcoming book “The Soul In My Hand”!

Kim has related work experience as veterinary technician, veterinary clinic manager, massage therapist, sled dog tour manager, cattle ranch – calving and health mgr, equine breeding and foaling manager, trainer and assistant trainer in several professional horse barns, horse trail rides, packing, wagon rides, etc, wildlife rehabilitation, bird banding and tracking studies.

Some of Kim’s Formal Education includes:

  • National College – Veterinary Technology
  • Dr. Jay Scherer’s Academy of Natural Healing (now called Santa Fe School of Massage)- Massage*Natural Healing
  • University of Montana – Pre-veterinary requirements via  Wildlife Biology, Pre-med & Rangeland Mgmt depts.
  • Tallgrass Animal Acupressure – Animal Acupressure

Other classes, clinics, and studies include:

Multiple animal and human bodywork continuing education courses:  Tui na (Traditional Chinese Massage) in both animals and humans, myofascial release (animals and humans), cranio-sacral,  applied kinesiology, structural integration, intuitive bodywork, photonic light therapy, low-level laser therapy, infrared therapy.

Natural Healing technique courses: herbology (western, Ayurvedic, Chinese), homeopathy, nutritional healing

Animal courses: Equine breeding certification, veterinary lameness courses, nutrition (horses, dogs, people), athletic training for dogs and horses, equine dentistry (many courses), natural hoof trimming (many courses), animal hospital patient care, and wound care.

Natural Horsemanship Clinics including: Parelli (level 3), Dennis Reis, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannamon, Monty Roberts, and many others.

Specific horsemanship clinics over the years directed toward: dressage, reining, cattle working, cutting, barrel racing, roping, jumping, gaming, showing, driving, and horsemanship.

Energy work: Reiki Master certification, AumaKhua-Ki Energy Balancing Level 2,  intuitive and psychic healing, animal communication, dowsing, dream work and Shamanic Journeying.

Also have participated in lots of additional courses in personal growth, business mgmt, and leadership. Writing and researching for articles is always an eye opener for me and not to mention, the incredible amount of information and knowledge I get to learn everyday from my amazing clients and their amazing animals!!

All in all……. curiosity and a love to learn has kept me very, very busy!!!  It’s been a great ride! -Kim

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